Enterprises have messages with databases and information that requires privacy. Such as those communications filled with planned improvement in the work operation and the business interactions that include money.

WhatsApp is a messaging application that can be installed in Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows desktop, and laptop. Through this software, an individual can send SMS, MMS, files, voice messages, and calls without any charges. As long as a person has an Internet connection, they are good to go with communicating with whomever they please or needed to contact.

However, according to the Statista Survey, there are only 16% of Americans who are using this application. Despite that, there are over 1.5 billion active users all over the globe.

Americans are sensitive when it comes to their privacy. They are in love with the thought of having their personal space and putting sets of boundaries. The very reason why there are numerous enterprises mostly that is owned by an American entrepreneur who banned the use of WhatsApp, considering there is a feature in WhatsApp where an individual can share their location.

This makes multiple Americans uneasy.

Additionally, there is another pinpoint in the messaging application where anyone can see if you are online. Even though it can be altered in the settings – still, it is jeopardy for anybody’s privacy.

The thing is, there has been an improved regulation in the app to protect the data and security risks of each user, there has been an implemented WhatsApp archiving messaging solutions. This was established to secure each information and shared communication of every individual.

What great news, right?

To be more knowledgeable and aware of this subject matter, read the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage: