A guide to cold emailing

The most common form of B2B contact is cold email. 80% of individuals prefer sales representatives to contact them via email is one of the leading causes of this. Your potential leads can now be reached worldwide with cold emails. Converting your cold leads into potential consumers is ongoing and cordial. Getting a good response […]

Incremental Synchronization for Databases

Today a lot of companies use heterogeneous information systems as corporate data warehouses. In view of this fact, it is very important to synchronize databases belong to different DBMS in the most smooth and efficient way. And under such condition, the most challenging task is to achieve a real time update of modified data as […]

How to Format a Resume Using Resume Examples as a Guide

A resume should be formatted to look attractive and professional and easy to read. Companies have limited time to spare when looking at resumes. A well-formatted resume that is clear and easy to read could land you an interview. If formatting a current resume, specific words or phrases may need to be changed to make […]

Tips on comparing resume writers before hiring

Writing a resume by yourself is not something you look forward to when an important interview is approaching. At time you will find yourself contrasting between two or more resume writers. It is only then you can find a solid resume templatewriter for your project. It is however important you know the contrasting factors to […]

7 Critical Pillars of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Technology You Need to Know

With the rise of cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, organizations are increasingly looking to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) technology to enable cloud migration without sacrificing performance or capacity planning efforts. Consequently, more organizations are beginning to evaluate hyperconvergence technology to fully understand the HCI architecture and its advantages before deciding on their next infrastructure project. […]

5 Game-changing trends for marketing in 2022

We are half-past 2022, and the world has pretty much recovered from the pandemic. During Covid, many businesses got bankrupt, and many people lost their job. However, one thing didn’t stop but got more powerful than ever – technology. From widespread automation to robots taking orders at the drive-thru, the digital landscape grew since half […]