Shrink PDF files to save space

Multi-page PDF files usually take up a surprising amount of space. This is particularly annoying when sending via email. Many PDFs can be easily reduced in size. PDFs are a great way to share documents across multiple platforms without worrying about how the format will look on Windows, Mac, Linux, smartphone or tablet. A disadvantage […]

4 Foolproof advises to boost your business in 2021

There are many steps to enhancing your business. So, you can take care of it in a very marginal way. The past year was very difficult for us in the context of the pandemic, lockdowns and economies going haywire.  Hence, it becomes very essential to take the proper steps in the correct context of this […]

How the Digital Economy will Grow in the Coming Years

At a time when technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence are feared to take over human jobs, it has been reported that the digital economy will unlock productivity and create about 65 million new jobs by the end of 2025. The digital economy is growing every day, sometimes in surprising ways. Using mobile data […]