Things you did not know about IPTV

There are things that you might not be knowing about IPTV and IPTV providers. It would be best if you got to learn about them so that you know to make an informed decision about whether to embrace paid IPTV services or stick to your traditional television. 

Hybrid IPTV

Most of the providers for TV who are not IPTV providersare currently adapting to an IPTV hybrid system to get to sort out issues with a full broadcast that is IP-enabled. When you use IPTV, it requires a lot of bandwidth to be able to transmit a lot of data at a very high speed.

The hybrid IPTV is one that combines the traditional services for television with the ones that are IP-based. Their selling point is that all are delivered in a single box.  With that, it allows television providers to expand on their offerings for their subscribers.

It is a method that also makes it easier to bring onboard new services and products without having to overhaul your set-top box completely. It is one of the easiest ways to come from traditional television viewing to the modern one. 

How IPTV works

There are three formats of IPTV that the IPTV providersgive to their subscribers

Video on Demand

Video-on-demand streaming is all about the way it sounds. As a subscriber, you will be able to get the video that you demand from the provider. The sites for movie streaming are VOD IPTV providers.  You don’t have any time limit on what you can watch as long as the service has it. 

You ask the IPTV providersto provide what to watch, and they will send it to you through the internet, and you watch it. It is that simple. Examples of VoD are Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime videos. Though they are popular, there are other small niche service providers for VoD in the market. Check them out online. 

Time-shifted media

Many broadcasters allow users to be able to watch shows which they missed later on when they have time for it. The difference between VoD and time-shifted is in the content that is shared in time-shifted has a limited shelf life. It is hard to go back to and be able to watch an episode which you missed several years ago.  But if you have to, then it might be in the VoD.

If you think VoD and time-shifted are similar, then it is very true. It all has to do with how long you will be able to access the show in question after it has been aired. 


The IPTV providersof live broadcast mean that you are going to watch the shows as they happen, live. That is the way most sporting events are watched. You will find it easier to watch a game on the go on your mobile phone. 

Other than being streamed over the internet, live IPTV is similar to regular television.