Three Annoying Things That Can Happen Online

World Wide Web or the internet has become a big part of our life. We spend hours looking for information or product on the internet. Despite all the amazingness of the World Wide Web, few things can happen on the internet, which annoys us all. Here are a few annoying things that everyone faces online:

  • Region-Specific Contents

Everyone has to deal with “this content is unavailable in your country” once, while surfing for the content online. Not get to see the favorite show or video just because it regional specific can annoy anyone. As the content gets blocked in your region, you no longer have access to the content, and streaming of the content can lead to a copyright claim from content creators. The creators use the geo-locating to know them about your location, by that content creator can decide who get to see their content online. 

One thing that you can do to avoid them running into the situation of “this content is unavailable in your country” is by using the VPN to surf the blocked content. The content creators use the region-based IP address to know about your location, VPN help you to hide your IP address while surfing online, and you can access any site you want. 


CAPTCHA’s job is to protect against online fraud. The reason behind its development is to differentiate machines from humans trying to access online sites. Now we all can agree that it has become one of the annoying things to encounter on the internet. Captcha is boring, and they suck all the fun out of online exploration. Another thing that makes captcha one of the worst things on the internet is they can be a pain to deal with for disabled people surfing the internet. 

  • Pop-Up Ads

Pop-ups are the worse than the “this content is unavailable in your country” message that you encounter on the internet. The reason behind inventing the pop-up ads is to help people surf the internet, now the most annoying way of showing the advertisements. Pop-up ads can give you a headache, and what worse is there is no way with which you can avoid them online. The only solution that you have is to go to your browser setting and block them. Still, there will be pop-up ads that you have to deal with while surfing on the internet.