Importance Of Power Quality And UPS Implementation

When there are anomalies in our electricity network, our connected equipment is directly affected, either in its useful life or productivity, due to its reduced availability and reliability. In addition, in some instances, it is essential not to suffer any power outage (such as a factory), and they help us detect and measure our consumption.

The purpose of a UPS such Ablerex UPS EVO Series is to take care of and protect the different equipment to work efficiently and achieve the longest possible useful life. Failure to take care of our equipment can cause increases in operation and maintenance costs.

A UPS (uninterruptible power supply), also known as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), consists of electronic equipment that helps us store electrical energy for a limited time, allowing it to provide power to the equipment is connected to it. In addition, it is in charge of improving the quality of incoming energy, eliminating harmonics, and filtering voltage surges and falls. Therefore, it is essential to implement UPS.

These devices are often used to provide electricity for critical loads such as computer devices that need permanent and quality power, industrial and medical devices so that there are no brownouts, voltage drops, power outages, or overloads:

A low voltage can cause partial or total damage to any home or factory’s different equipment and elements. Failure to protect them correctly can cost you much more than the investment in this type of UPS equipment.

A voltage drop can occur if there is a large distance between the device and the transformer—the greater the distance, the greater the resistance and the possible fall. A voltage drop occurs if many motors or pumps are started with large current consumption.

An overload or saturation of the electrical system occurs if a higher demand than it is designed is required.