How To Create An Online Store On Facebook?

In the walkthrough, we assume that you already have a personal Facebook account. By the way, nowadays, who doesn’t? We also believe that you already have a page for your brand and that your settings are up to date. If you don’t have a Fan Page yet, see the tutorial on creating a page without making mistakes in

Now, let’s get to work: open your Facebook page in a tab next to it and follow the reading as you go through each of the steps of opening your online store.

Step 1: Add A Shop Tab.

Log in, access your page and click on “Settings.” Then look for the “Templates and Guides” option in the menu on the left of the screen.

Select the “Edit” option. Then a variety of models will appear for you to choose from.

Click on the “Shopping” template. Confirm this option by clicking “OK” again.

There, your store already exists! Now you must tell Facebook what kind of store it will be.

Step 2: Set Up Your Store

One of the most significant advantages of Facebook’s virtual store is that you can customize it to meet your business needs without understanding programming codes, as in the creation of e-commerce. This allows you to modify the e-commerce structure based on the requirements that your buyers have.

Are they often in doubt about delivery times? You can add this information in the banner and description, for example.

Do followers send many messages looking for a specific product already on sale but can’t find it? Feature this product on your main page.

Before that, see how to configure your store, but understand that these settings are not definitive, OK?

On the main screen of your page, click on “Store” on the left side. Read and accept the seller’s terms and policies. Click “Continue.”

Next, you will be asked to choose the payment methods and currency your store will accept. After selecting this data, fill in the “Description” field so that people know what you sell.

Step 3: Add Products.

The product registration process is straightforward. Here, you must register the product name, image, price, and description. You must also specify if you have the product in stock at that time. This stock option can be easily changed, informing the product’s sale without registering it again.

Step 4: Wait For Evaluation.

It takes a while for each new product to be approved by Facebook’s algorithms, so plan to register them in advance. Overall, it only takes a few minutes for approval to take place. If, when writing your product, you violate, even if unintentionally, any rule of the platform’s policies, you will need to change the specifications until they are accepted, so it is recommended to have a little anticipation.

Once approved, you will receive a message confirming the operation.

Remember that Internet sales don’t happen randomly. If you want to build an audience and make money from the online store, you have to take the time to think of a social media marketing strategy and be resilient to maintain it.