What are various Lora gateways in the market?


Lora gateways are radio modules whose appliances are fitted with a LoRa concentrator that permits LoRa packets to be collected. LoRa gateways comprise an operating system where the packet forwarding software works in the background under LoRaWan. In this manner, the network provider has more freedom in managing his gateway.

  • The data between the end nodes and the LoRa gateway is comparably low, but this is a compulsory sacrifice to enable long-lasting battery life and a high radio range under LoRaWan.
  • The gateway is linked to a LoRaWan network server through high-bandwidth networks like WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular to offer end-to-end connectivity between LoRa end devices and the application server under the LoRa gateway.


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LoRaWan gateways are placed in the heart of Lora star topology, bridging end-devices and servers in the nodes. They are the transmission center of multiple concurrent links. The following gateways can talk to your sensors and devices from kilometers away and collect valuable data for their holders.

Lorrier LR2 IoT LoRaWan Gateway 868MHz

Lorrier LR2 is a carrier-level IoT LoRaWan gateway for making professionals. It works outdoors to focus on a vast coverage network by telecommunication operators and a local network by individual IoT connectivity service providers under LoRaWan. Lorrier LR2 is based on an iC880a LoRaWan concentrator by IMST, which uses a Semtech SX1301 baseband processor. It is competent in supporting thousands of endpoints with eight simultaneous receive channels under the LoRa gateway.

Advantech WISE-3610 Wireless IoT Lora Network Gateway

Advantech WISE-3610 is a Qualcomm ARM Cortex A7-situated hardware platform working at OpenWRT, defined as a Linux distribution for fixed appliances. WISE-3610 is the wireless IoT Lora private web gateway planned for Smart buildings, smart cities, and Industrial 4.0 applications, using wireless sensor techniques under LoRaWan.

WISE-3610 can accumulate the wireless sensor nodes involving LPWAN applications by Advantech private Lora techniques and wired sensors and strap them into an IP network under the LoRa gateway.

Cisco Wireless LoRaWan Gateway

Cisco Wireless Gateway operates Lora technology and complies with the LoRaWan specifications, enabling communications with Class A, B, and C appliances under LoRaWan. The gateway is an IP67-grade outdoor product implanted with two packets to arrive simultaneously. This capability enhances the spectrum utilization up to 4 MHz frequency bandwidth and grows overall system capacity under the LoRa gateway.

Channel diversity helps find better radio signal paths from the endpoint to the gateway. Further, the gateway assists multiple-channel diversity combinations via software configurations under LoRaWan.

Gemtek Lora Femto Indoor Gateway

Femto Indoor Gateway is designed explicitly for wide-area IoT applications. Applications include but are not restricted to home and security, automatic meter reading, observing wrong indicators, observing street lights, etc.

Femto Indoor Gateway is appropriate for private areas like small businesses, parking spaces, exhibition centers, or campuses under LoRaWan. It is also ideal for providing coverage for indoor blind spots. Femto supports up to 8 concurrent channels for Lora transmission.

Nordic Automatic Systems LoRaWan Gateway

Based on the NAS IER000 LoRaWan concentrator, LoRaWan Gateway from Nordic Automation Systems connects all Lora products deployed towards the LoRaWan network, collecting real-time data and providing feedback, if necessary.

Hongdian A10G Lora Gateway

A 10G is a module-based long-distance wireless communication gateway supporting LoRaWan standard protocols, serial port data two-way communication, and extended battery standby purpose.

With the ability to support 20000 Lora node approaches, A10G is suitable for many access applications in the private network under the LoRa gateway. With an embedded watchdog in the system, A10G can recover automatically from network failover to ensure connection to end devices and the cloud platform under LoRaWan.

Texim Europe UP Lora Gateway

UP Lora Gateway combines a UP board and the IMST Lora concentrator iC880A. It utilizes dynamic data rate modification technology to increase spreading factors and signal bandwidths of transmission efficiency seamlessly under LoRaWan. And the IMST concentrator iC880A can receive packets from different end devices on up to 8 channels in parallel.

It permits distant Lora end nodes to use higher spreading factors with lower data rates and those Lora networks closer to the concentrator to use lower spreading factors and higher data rates under LoRaWan.

Laird Sentrius RG1 Lora Gateway

Sentrius RG1 series Lora-allowed gateway from Laird provides end-to-end control of users’ fully private Lora network and offers enterprise dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, and wired Ethernet for complete design freedom under LoRaWan. The Sentrius RG1 series has an alternative of 868 MHz or 915 MHz antennae for requirements from different areas.

Dragino LG02 Dual-channel Lora IoT Gateway

LG02 is an open-source dual-channel Lora Gateway that bridges Lora wireless network to an IP network via WiFi, Ethernet, 3G, or 4G cellular. Except for LoRaWan mode, LG02 can support multiply working modes such as Lora repeater mode, MQTT mode, and TCP/IP Server mode to fit different requirements for IoT connection under the LoRa gateway.