Raksha Bandhan Trailer

Raksha Bandhan is directed by aand L. Rai, starring bhumi pednekar, Akshay Kumar, sadia Khateeb, sahejmeen Kaur, smrithi Srikanth.

Akshay Kumar is a busy person, because the publicity campaign for his upcoming film Raksha bandhan is in full swing. The film is directed by Anand Rai and also starred by Pumi pedeneca. In order to win a sensation in the upcoming days, actors and directors flew to Dubai. They caused a great sensation. If you want to watch Raksha Bandhan Trailer, you can click “watch free movies” to watch.

Earlier, Akshay Kumar and aand l Rai were clicked at Mumbai airport.

Raksha bandhan is a comedy about a man with four sisters. Before his mother died, he vowed not to get married until all his sisters got married. This promise damaged his relationship with his girlfriend.

Raksha bandhan also plays a key role with seema pahwa, Deepika Khanna, neeraj Sood, sadia Khateeb, abhilash thapliyal, sahejmeen Kaur and smrithi Srikanth as the protagonists.

Raksha bandhan recalled that Lala Kedarnath was the eldest son and the only brother of the four sisters. He ran a chaat store founded by his father. Before dying, Laura promised her weak mother that he would not marry until he fulfilled his obligation to marry the two sisters into a suitable family. Next, Laura will do her best to get his sisters married while maintaining family values. At the same time, Laura faces setbacks in her personal life, as well as in her romantic life with her childhood lover Sapna.

However, Laura’s commitment to the sisters is a huge obstacle to the development of his love story with Sapna. Sapna knew the importance of Laura’s oath and decided to wait until his goal was achieved. The film will be broadcast on August 11, 2022. Click the “watch now” button below to learn more about Raksha bandhan Trailer details.