Preventive Maintenance Tips For Your PC Or Network

If you are in charge of keeping your company’s computer network in shape or even want to keep your home PC  and  hardware such as HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen10 clean, you will find that you follow a multitude of processes to carry it out. Some will be done by hand (manually) from time to time. Others may have automated them with a script, or maybe there is some point of maintenance that you have been able to escape. Here are tips that you can consider to carry out these tasks. They are call center omnichannel technology certainly not the only ones, but we recommend you look at them.

  1. Update Your Operating System

Very important. Your operating system is the foundation on which all your applications run. If it has problems, rest assured that your applications will. Incompatibility problems or virus infections can be avoided by having an up-to-date operating system. If you have a network with many machines, do not allow the automatic updates that come with the operating system to run by themselves on each machine, as they will saturate the network. Imagine a network of 100 Windows machines downloading a 50-megabyte update per machine. Your connection will fume!

  1. Update The Drivers

Following the same line, we can find ourselves with problems due to outdated drivers that do not know how to interact with updated software. Remember that the drivers must always be downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website.

  1. Update Your Useful Software

Very similar to the previous points. Suppose your software is not up to date. In that case, you may find bugs already solved in the latest version, incompatibilities with other products already supported, or security problems already patched that can compromise a workstation or the entire network.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Software

Having programs that are no longer used on the machines can imply a problem, not only because of the unnecessary disk space they consume but because we are probably not bothering to update it due to their disuse. They can lead to the problems mentioned. in the previous point, especially if it is software that runs automatically at startup.