My City Bank game for Android

This is the latest video game that most of the people are playing currently. This is aimed specifically at the android versions. Did you want to aware of the process that is going on inside the bank? If you wanted to know those things just play this game for once. Certainly, you would get your all doubts clear. Discover everything going on a bank by playing the game.

It is the best experience for everyone that hasn’t visit a bank yet. Especially for the children. Then you will play inside of your own bank. The latest version of my city video game has more exclusive features. Size of the famous video game is about 65 MB sized app which make it easier for many Android users to download via home internet. You can use AC Market to download this game for free.


Features of my city bank android game

  • Discover the procedure of my city bank app
    The players are able to know the whole process running inside a bank. That is very similar to the local bank in your area. Therefore, it makes not much difference with the experience that you had already.But this is not surrounded only by the banker. The game is associated with the house of the banker. A banker is a rich person. He is visiting for his children after the Bank. He goes to meet his children after closing the bank.
  • Safety
    The simple game is very safe. It is recommended even for small children. If the parents are out of the room, it is safe to play with the children even. Except for that, in order to play this game any privacy details are not required.
  • Exploring
    This is the basic theory that the game is based on. By playing this game any player would achieve this grate tool. There are more hidden treasures and safe here. Those things can be discovered by playing my city bank apk.There is a photocopy machine included in the game. Help all bank customers by using those features. If you have been robbed, press the alarm key for that. Don’t allow others to be robbed.
  • New features on the bank and the banker’s house
    There are more new items added with the house of the banker. There are bank tellers and a new safe there. For the banker’s house a new kid’s bedroom, new bed, and office in the house have been added.
  • Controlling weather
    It is believing that the weather is controlled by the gods. But that belief will be changed here in this game. The gamer can control the whole weather conditions. Turn the time of the game to a day or night, even make the conditions of the weather snowy or rainy within a few seconds. All the changes are allowed for the gamer.
  • Pay once
    Surely you can get an amazing experience by paying once for this game. You just need to play the game once. Then after forever you will get all the features for free. And along with this paid version, there are no more 3rd party advertisements. Enjoy all the features in my city bank.
  • Passed the security test
    This is a trusted app. And that has passed all the security tests and the scans of harmful malware like viruses.
  • Device compatibility
    My city bank game is compatible with the devices along with the android version of 4.1 and the upwards.

My city bank is actually an enjoyable game to play in. Everyone will be addicted to this game after the first trial that they have played. That is due to the all features included here. Try it once, surely you would be addicted.