Is Our Supply Of Water Secure?

Since 9-11 we’ve needed to consider all sorts of things that may make us vulnerable making unhealthy guys interested. This will probably be the very first in a number of articles which will discuss what these “Things” are and just what many of us can perform to assist.

This information will discuss the safety and security in our supply of water. The majority of us take this as a given we visit the sink, switch on the tap, water arrives and we’re happy, we do not think where that water continues to be before you are looking at us. Most water experiences a purification plant before it will get to the house or business. Only at that plant water is tested, swimming pool water and fluoride may be added. Water will be pumped at certain pressures to the homes and companies. In large metropolitan areas there can be a couple of primary water plants and lots of sub-stations where additional testing and pumping is performed Desalination process current.

These water plants and sub-stations ought to be secure which is something which we ought to do now, not when something goes very wrong. So exactly how should we make sure that we’ve done all we are able to to secure these plants.

Secure the perimeter from the plants with hi-tech fencing, these might have invasion sensors and cameras.

All exterior doorways ought to be steel high security doorways.

The doorway locks ought to be high security and also have access control.

Exterior and interior cameras.

All personnel must have criminal background checks.

Hi-tech security systems, especially at unmanned sub-stations.

Some sub-stations aren’t manned making the above mentioned security much more important. In the list above I spoke about “Access Control”. To do this electronic locks ought to be used, this could offer a tracking mechanism. Everybody entering your building could be time placed, and therefore the time and date they opened up the lock could be recorded. Management would be capable of control who can access that lock and also at what occasions these were permitted in. A particular electronic key or card might be made non-active denying access.

Whenever we discuss the safety of public utilities, the discussion of funding should also occur. When we, the general public, don’t demand the safety in our utilities it won’t happen. There’s an expense to security. It can be us to determine in the event that cost makes it worth while, if it’s then ask your politician to finance it. When they don’t, fire them next time you election.