Exploring Technology In Banner Stands

Classic banner stands are some of the most traditional trade event exhibits. They’ve existed because the beginning of conventions, and even though technologies have granted them the periodic update or added convenience, they’ve continued to be largely just like their original forms. In the last couple of years, however, many changes happen to be introduced which have taken banner stands from the well-known area of the convention equation into a completely new territory.

Technology, Meet Trade Event Booth

Among the greatest advances may be the recent integration of projection screens into banner stands. Initially, these displays were of little use for actual projection. There wasn’t a great way to integrate a presentation area in to the material, which made acquiring a top quality image challenging. Recent advances have overcome this issue, and newer designs allow front or rear projection from the standard projecting device.

This latest style maintains the convenient setup and small packaging system that distinguishes small trade event exhibits for a lot of companies. Exactly the same quantity of choices is usually present when it comes to graphics along with other accessories. These styles are usually a little more complex to put together, but they are still believed to consider about ten to fifteen minutes to organize. The particular setup from the unit is easy, but sorting the projector could be a little more complex.

Banner Stands That Display Products And Literature

Yet another limitation from the old banner trade event booth was it could not display products effectively. Since it was basically a bit of plastic or cloth hooked to the peak and bottom of the pole, there had not been method to hang an item around the unit itself, nor could literature be easily put on it. Some companies resorted to presenting a literature pocket, but such inventions always appeared to appear awkward.

As a result of this, a brand new design has emerged. This design includes a pedestal built-into the foot of the trade event booth, reaching up just sufficient to permit keeping the preferred products. As the platform isn’t overwhelmingly large, it may accommodate most small merchandise and literature. A lot of companies have discovered success using several of these pedestals, aligning banner stands alongside one another to ensure that their pedestals are close. In this manner, the multiple units behave like one trade event booth, presenting a unified image that buyers find appealing.