Does Managed WordPress Hosting Warrant The Extra Cost?

Web hosting is one of the most critical aspects of setting up and running a website. A majority of website owners go for the previous because it’s the lowest of them all. Managed hosting can take twice of what you will be paying for shared hosting.

While many are ready to go for managed services, they ask two important questions. Does the higher cost tag bring in extra features? Do the features favor the price?

This short article looks at managed WordPress hosting more closely to help you decide which arrangement best suits your needs.

Faster Speeds 

This is the biggest advantage of opting for managed WordPress hosting. In this type, the servers are WordPress-centric that is they are configured for WordPress. It boosts the load speed even when the website gets a lot of traffic. You also won’t have to bother about downtimes caused by extreme traffic. A few co-operation also offer built-in caching which additional speeds up load speed at the server level. This gives with the need to purchase free plug-ins.

Better Security 

This is also different major motive why many choose managed WordPress Hosting over the shared choice. They have multiple layers of security as default choices getting it hard for hackers to break into your blog or website. Hosts also scan your blog or website regularly to check for any malware that might make your site down. Further, if any malicious content manages to pry its way into your website, the hosts will take care of it free of charge.

Comprehensive Support 

The distinction between dedicated and managed database hosting is the amount of customer support you have. The staff is trained in WordPress inside out. They know which plug-ins affect performance, why pages load slowly, why images appear distorted and the likes. With experts by your side, you can solve these problems in a matter of minutes. You can also seek advice to get the best.

Regular Backups 

If you want to secure your website, it is essential to take regular backups so that you can restore it to its new standing should security ever be compromised. A managed host takes care of backups enabling you to rest in peace.

Automatic updates 

The other security measure for your WordPress blog includes getting all the plug-ins and themes updated daily. Most managed web hosting service providers set the updates to automation. They also test the updates before they perform them.

Development Tools and Aids 

Working with a managed web hosting service provider also gives you access to a plethora of analytical and development tools that help enhance the performance of your blog or website. The tools you might have access to version control, staging area and the likes. However, they might vary by the host. If you go to do this independent of the host, it can cost you big.

Given the advantages, managed WordPress Hosting does look like a great option. But, if you want to know if it warrants to extra cost, you must ask yourself one more important question. Do you need this for WordPress blog or can you do it yourself?