Benefits of dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting is a form of service provided by a hosting provider that dedicates a specific server to a single client or for a single function, such as a website. A dedicated server differs from shared hosting, in which a single server is able to cater well to several clients. It also means that […]

Reducing Ecommerce Fraud With Automated Driver’s License Verification

The demand for remote services increased abruptly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers needed a way to purchase goods and services without the risks of contracting the virus. However, as eCommerce and online merchants respond to this unprecedented level of consumer demand, they are also challenged to shore up their defenses against fraud. Even during a […]

Comparing Chat Applications Encryption, Privacy and Safe Usage

As online communication continues to increase nowadays, discussion on chat encryption, privacy, and safe usage are essential guidelines that users need to know.  How private and transparent is your mobile chat application? End-to-end encryption is considered the gold standard in terms of data privacy. This feature allows for encrypting chat messages as it sends and […]